Born in Indonesia, Sylvia Nugroho has widely traveled through Europe and Asia, she draws her inspirations from the various people she comes and places she has lived in.

She is gifted with full pallet of skills, further enhanced by previous interior designer career.

Being very visual person, she loves to live in different places and be exposed to different environments, which are her main source of creativity.

Much of the excitement of her work comes from exploring and mixing different cultures, people and ambiances.

Her work, altough spontaneous, reflects with not much conceptual principle, a whole world hidden details, which can be discovers by looking at it closely behind the vivid color ranges from warm to dramatic, which make her work unique and simply beautiful.

She is accomplished in mixed medium, painting with acrylic on canvas and collage.

Now, After maturing her strokes, she is working on more abstract, still leaving her trails of hidden little details, vibrant colors and bigger size.

Sylvia Nugroho is an Indonesian artist, spent her past 12 years working and living in Singapore and Bangkok, she currently lives in Jakarta.