Sylvie’s Studio Gallery is designed in a rustic and minimalist style, entirely decorated by the artist herself. Like ying and yang, masculin and feminin touches are married in harmony. You feel in a different and inspiring world, with a strong artistic feeling, as soon as you enter the door.

The lower floor is mainly dedicated to the artist’s own art works and occasionally to display the works of visiting artists. The paintings are gracing both walls of the long corridor, taking you on an inspiring journey. Vintage furniture pieces and subtely lit candles give the gallery a very uniqe boheme like flair.

The upper floor is Sylvie’s actual work place. It looks like one would imagine an atelier de peintre, would look like. Paintings in progress, empty canvases, paint brushes and oil tubes lie scattered all over the floor, like waiting for some muse to appear and get alive.

The place clearly let’s the creative genie come to its fullest expression, in an environment that stimulates creation and inspiration: une oeuvre d’Art

Studio Activity
For some occasion, the studio gallery is held for other fun activity such a photoshoot for magazine and private photoshoot and also hosting private reception.